Why Books?

Incentivize reading. Everyone wins.

when your team reads your business leads

When your team reads, your business leads.

When businesses incentivize reading, big things happen. Inspiration takes hold. Ideas spread. A common vocabulary develops. Your culture strengthens. And most important of all, everyone grows together.

We should know... we wrote the book on culture.

“BetterBookClub is indispensable in helping LitcoLaw build and maintain our extraordinary culture. Every company needs BetterBookClub.”

Fredric J.R. Litwiniuk, President

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Reading is the best training.

No expensive conference fees
No time or productivity lost to travel
Everyone in your company can participate
when your team reads your business leads
when your team reads your business leads

Old-school book clubs don’t work.

Old-school book clubs—where an executive forces her team to read and discuss a book she likes—are unsustainable at best and foster resentment at worst.

Old-School Book Clubs

Reading feels like homework when books are chosen by the boss

Most people don’t actually read the book

No interaction outside of book club


Reading is fun when individuals choose their own books

Recognition & rewards incentivize reading

Fosters a culture of learning

“A game changer for growing our company and most importantly our people.”

Jesse Cole, Owner

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Let's get more books in brains.

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