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By BetterBookClub

After hearing about BetterBookClub, you might be thinking, “Why should my company participate in this program?” That is a great question to ask!

No company wants to waste time and money, but they do want to invest in their employees to make them better. This quote from BetterBookClub.com’s Founder, Arnie Malham, comes to mind: “I would much rather train someone and have them leave, than to not train them and have them stay.”

Through the use of BetterBookClub.com, your company will be able to have the convenience of an in-house training program that you can easily start today with our cloud-based software and just one book. Your employees will not have to miss work for a training opportunity.

Your business will not have out-of-pocket expenses for things such as hotel, flight, food, etc. BetterBookClub.com participation is done on the employees own time. Participants will read (or listen) to books in a way that fits into their already busy lives, so it does not feel like it is just another task for them to complete for work.

BetterBookClub is not just a training program; it is also a great cultural program for your company. Believe it or not, every company has a culture. It’s either something that the company is actively trying to create, or it’s something that just happens. When culture “just happens,” it is usually not the pretty painted picture that you had in mind for the company. By offering BetterBookClub to your company, you are showing them, not just telling them, the importance of continuous learning in any business field.

If you have specific questions about the BetterBookClub.com program, please email us at info@betterbookclub.com. We will be happy to answer them.

Happy Reading!

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