Build A Better Bookshelf

By Arnie Malham

Book Shelf

BetterBookClub was built to recognize and reward team members as they read and grow forward. However, a much-underutilized benefit of BetterBookClub is to help teams align on what they have collectively read in the past.

• What are your team’s most read books?
• Who is your team’s favorite author?
• Who is your team’s top reader?

The answer to all these questions can quickly become clear when team members take a few minutes to populate their individual profiles with books they’ve read in the past and to consider suggesting those reads to the company library for inclusion.

How to Build Your Bookshelf
1. Type the title or author of a book you’ve read in the past in the search box in your club library.
2. Simply hover your mouse over the tile and select the “I’ve read this” icon.
3. If the book isn't currently in your company library, you can suggest it to your club Champion from your profile by clicking the ‘+’ symbol in the listing.
Note: Books not approved in your company library will count in your book totals on your profile, but will not count in your book totals on your company dashboard.

The Better Bookshelf Building Contest
In the month of December, BetterBookClub users from companies around the globe will be competing to build their bookshelves.

In January 2021 we'll announce the top 5 individuals who added the most prior reads to their bookshelf in December and give them each a prize pack containing:
• A $50 gift card of choice
• A BetterBookClub T-shirt*
• Several free books*

Ready, Set, Go!!!
*gift card only for winners outside US.

Books In Common
Think of your BetterBookClub profile as the bookcase you might have at your home containing all the books you’ve absorbed to date.

Think about how a guest might browse that bookshelf looking for books in common, books they might want to try, and books they admire you for reading. Think about the resulting conversation and interest in the commonality discovered.

That’s the discussion we want to help foster via your profile’s electronic bookshelf within BetterBookClub. That's why we're adding a feature this month to allow users to instantly see the books in common with any teammate.

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