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BetterBookClub is not a book club at all. It’s a reading rewards platform that only takes 5 minutes to set up.
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How It Works

It's not a book club. It's better.

choose a book to read

Read a book

Your company will create a library of books and assign point values to them. Choose what and when to read.

submit a report

Submit a report

Book reports are short questionnaires that encourage reflection. Submit a report to earn points.

get rewarded

Get rewarded

Points are tallied and rewards are given upon approval by your admin.


Companies love BetterBookClub.

Get books in brains

Your account comes with a default library of non-fiction books that you can customize based on your industry and culture. Point values are automatically assigned and can be exchanged for rewards. These rewards have been shown to incentivize reading.

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getting books in brains
gain insights into your culture

Gain insights into culture

View stats like most popular book, biggest reader on the leaderboard, and historical data. Learn how your team is improving from book report answers.

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Foster connection

Teammates can follow colleagues and connect over books. Leaderboard encourages healthy competition. Rewards can be a bonding experience.

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foster connection
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why books?
Why Books?

Our mission is to get more books in brains because...

When your team reads, your business leads
Reading is the best training
Old-school book clubs don't work
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By far, the most efficient and effective training we do in our company.

Greg Howell

COO, cj Advertising

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